Having your portrait taken is an extraordinary experience for most of us, where one has to act naturally and surrender a piece of oneself while being closely watched by the photographer. But the result is something unique, lasting and very personal: more than a mere image, it is a snapshot of you, your family, your friends and loved ones; it is a documentation of your existence.

In our photo studios we cherish such moment. With great sensitivity regarding the personal nature of the matter, we get to know you and make you feel comfortable, advise you on outfit and styling, and work with you on your wishes and ideas about the setup of the shooting.

After the shooting, we browse together the photos on our computers, experiment with colored and black & white layouts, and select those that best fit your expectations, which you receive printed on high-quality Baryt paper and as files as well. Our customers often say that they find the outcome of this joint work pleasing beyond expectation, which is for us the best compliment for our work.

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