Pictures of your employees

Whether you want to visually enhance your company’s website, the intranet pages, or the press releases, publications and brochures, we can work with you or the design agency you have subcontracted, to deliver natural, clear and well focused pictures of your employees. Together, we create a visual statement about the identity of your company through the pictures of the employees that compose it, deliberately taken for this purpose. The shooting of individual or group photos of your employees can take place in our studios or in your own environment, anywhere across Germany. 

We make either customized employees pictures in your own working space ambient where we together create the pictures that convey the identity of your own company. Or we take the photos on a neutral , highly reproducible background which allows to take the pictures of new employees in the same style. It also allows effortless adjustments to edit a group picture.

The photo selection can take place immediately after the shooting. Alternatively, we can upload the photos to a server or cloud storage.

The pictures you get are edited and retouched in high and low resolution and you have the full copy rights for unlimited time. 

We would be happy to make you an individual offer. 

More photos at the german website.

price on request