Taking pictures of a person at work is a sensitive topic.
Prior to the photo shooting day we discuss your needs, discover the professional and personal aspects to be captured, and plan together how and where (e.g. our studios or your work place) the photo shooting will take place. On your request we could bring our make-up artist. We also provide dynamic shooting, where we discreetly follow you during several hours in your daily tasks and capture moments of concentration, intensive work, happiness, and unwinding when the stress of the day disappears. In additions, we can take the time to stage some photos, which show you among your different roles in the variety of your tasks.

You can choose which pictures you would like to keep, either on the spot or in your own time after the photo shooting from an online presentation we prepare for you. The pictures you select are edited and retouched, in high resolution and you have the full copyrights for unlimited time.

More photos at the german website.